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Surgical Scars

Treatments to minimize the appearance of abdominal surgery, incision scars and facial scars.
Most scars fade significantly over time. But some scars remain prominently visible. Are Fraxel and microneedling potential options for you to consider to help you to minimize abdominal surgery incision scars, acne scars or facial scars? The answer is: YES!
Surgical Scars2

Microneedling to Treat Surgical Scars

Microneedling carries a low risk of hyper-pigmentation problems and additional scarring, which makes it a suitable treatment choice for people who have sensitive skin, thin skin or skin with a naturally high-melanin content prone to discolouration problems or melasma. Because microneedling causes less penetration to the external layer of your skin, without heat, recovery time from microneedling is often faster than with a laser such as a Fraxel treatment.

Microneedling is a preferred treatment for hypertrophic scars. It works by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin – the two proteins key to maintaining the skin’s structure and elasticity. Further, tiny punctures created during microneedling increase the skin’s permeability thereby enhancing the absorption of topical treatments.

Can Fraxel Help Treat Surgical Scars?

Fraxel is an amazing rejuvenating technology for skin that helps treat surgical scars including keloid, contracture and acne scars.  It is a safe and effective solution to correct skin damage left behind from either surgery, the sun, ageing, gravity, acne or other skin injuries. Fraxel, like the microneedling, creates micro-injuries to the skin which then trigger our bodies natural response heal, thus creating new fresh collagen. But instead of using needles, Fraxel uses precise lasers that work below the surface of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. Fraxel is not new but the treatment protocols have continued to evolve. Which is why our estheticians and nurses have kept up with the ever evolving knowledge to bring you the best possible results.

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