The facelift or body lift without surgery!

Age spots, pigmentation, uneven texture/tone, stretch marks and skin laxity left by pregnancy, age or weight gain, can now be effectively reduced by Fraxel Laser and Thermage®.

In as little as 3-4 Fraxel Treatments, stretchmarks can be improved as seen on these fantastic photos! In the Clinic we start treatment of stretch marks by shrinking them with Thermage®. and then offer Fraxel Laser Treatments to smooth the skin’s texture. Our experience with using a Fraxel Laser, shows us that this is the best sequence as Thermage CPT® generates new collagen then shrinks and smooth the stretchmarks. See Client testimonials.
Should your stretch marks have purple color, this issue can be readily addressed with Intense Pulsed Light.
Please note that MDSpa uses Fraxel Laser With ThermageCPT

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