linda R.N Cosmetic Injector

R.N Cosmetic Injector

Linda is new to the MD Spa team . From the moment you meet Linda, her passion for helping people is very apparent. This is probably why she has a BA in Psychology. Before becoming a nurse she worked as a community support worker. Working with people with developmental disabilities and mental illness drove a passion for Linda to pursue nursing. She wanted to learn more about different treatments for mental illness. In 2009 she got her BSc Nursing. A few years later, Linda was starting to notice the effects of aging on her skin. In searching for her own treatments, she found a new love for the medical esthetics industry. In 2014 she started working with one of the top cosmetic injectors in Vancouver where she gained great knowledge and experience. Like many people, Linda and her husband were finding it hard to purchase a home in Vancouver. In 2018 Linda and her husband decided to move back to sunny Alberta and settle down here. When she is not helping people at the hospital, she is helping our client achieve their vision of personal beauty here at MD Spa.


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